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Real Estate Loan Consultations

Loan Programs Tailored to Fit Your Unique Needs.

Since buying commercial real estate represents a substantial investment, it is vital to secure the best financing available. Every borrower is unique and every lender has its own rules and programs.

The difficulty most people have in shopping for their own loan is they don't know all the right questions to ask. Adding to that difficulty is the fact that most lenders have only two or three programs to offer so their job is to sell you what they have rather then find the program that fits your needs.

After we know what your investment goals are, Capstone Financial will tailor a loan program to fit those needs and give you the best returns the market has to offer.

Types of Loans

Click a title below to read more about the type of loan you are interested in.

- Fixed Rates up to 30 Years
- Loan to Value up to 80% (Except CTL which can be higher)
- Non-Recourse Available for select tenants
- Assumable Loans
- Interest Only Available on Select Tenants
- Fixed Rates up to 30 Years
- Loan to Value up to 80%
- Non-Recourse for most loans over $1,000,000
- Assumable Loans
- Interest Only Available on Select Assets
- Fixed Rates up to 10 Years
- Loan to Value up to 75%
- Non-Recourse for quality flags over $4,000,000 in loan dollars
- Assumable Loans possible
- Interest Only Available on Select Assets
- Fixed Rates up to 15 Years
- Loan to Value up to 80%
- Non-Recourse Available for Select Assets
- Assumable Loans
- Interest Only Available on Select Properties
- Fixed Rates up to 3 Years
- Loan to Cost up to 80%
- Most Loans are Interest-Only
- Loans can Often be Converted to Permanent Debt
- Loans from $2,000,000+
- Assumability is an Option on Certain Assets
- Loan to Value up to 90%
- Amortization up to 30 Years Possible
- Interest Only is Possible
- Non-Recourse Available on Select Assets


  • "I am writing to express my appreciation for the services of Capstone Financial. I can’t express how professional, diligent, encouraging and pleasant your staff was with me throughout the process, despite all obstacles placed in front of us, and the lack of professionalism and competence others dealt with displayed. Your team worked hard for a favorable loan rate, term length and renewal options.

    Your team assisted me with the brokers, my attorney, seller, seller’s counsel, lender, lender’s counsel, lessee, survey company, and title company over the course of a five month period. If they had not been involved, Hammar Inc. may not have been able to conclude this purchase.

    If not for Capstone Financial, either my family would not have this property or we would have paid much more in legal fees acquiring it. We are extremely grateful to be your client!"
    Sam Marcus Hammar Inc.
  • "I worked with Capstone on a recent single tenant deal for my client who was in an exchange. In addition to getting us the best rate we could find, the customer service and professionalism from the two of them made the transaction smooth and the client happy. I strongly recommend using Capstone for your lender needs."
    Geoff Hannan Capital Real Estate Ventures
  • "I referred the buyer of a Walgreens property located in Rantoul, IL to Capstone. The buyer was coming out of a trade and had a somewhat unusual ownership structure. Capstone became immediately engaged with my client, found the best loan and tracked the deal through to a successful closing. I am delighted to refer my business to Capstone, as I know that the deal will get done!"
    Stuart Scheinholtz
  • "Capstone is our top source for current rates and terms on retail net lease financing. Anytime we have a net lease investment to sell we know we can count on the team at Capstone for a responsive, reliable and real-time quote that will facilitate our sale."
    Jon Adamo National Retail Properties, Inc.
  • "I have used Capstone Financial Solutions on the purchases of two multifamily properties. They did a fabulous job coordinating all aspects of the deal working very well with everyone and provided great communication. I would recommend Capstone Financial Solutions to anyone considering the purchase of a commercial property."
    Don NelsonBorrower
  • "You've [Capstone] been a great help in getting this done. I don't think we could have been able to get our Walgreens done on time without you being the driving force behind it. I am glad that I have chosen to work with you, and really appreciate all your help and support in this transaction."
  • "Capstone Financial has been our go-to mortgage lender for National Net-Lease real estate financing. We know that when we deliver a client, they will be well informed on the current market conditions and provided with multiple financing options. Their team is readily available for all of our financing needs."
    Max Freedman Sands Investment Group>
  • "Working with Capstone Financial Services on this deal was truly a pleasure. There were several “challenges” associated with our UMB Bank property during the Escrow process, and having these guys on the deal made all the difference in getting it closed. Communication, response and availability are very important to me. Capstone exceeds in all three areas. You don’t find service like this very often which is why I plan working with them as many times as possible, especially with their problem-solving approach. Aside from the intangibles, their terms were also very competitive. I can recommend Capstone every time and look forward to the next deal."
    Eric Carlton Colliers International
  • "Capstone Financial is a very professional and efficient mortage firm. They are thorough, responsive and they explained the process in detail from beginning to the end. They are consummate professionals and I cannot say enough about them. I highly recommend Capstone for your financial needs."
    Amelia Borrower
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